43% of eCommerce is going for AR in 2020

54% of customers prefer visiting stores because they can’t fully visualize products in online stores
77% of customers prefer to use AR capabilities to preview product variations such as color or style differences
35% say AR would make them shop online more often

Wall Art eCommerce Customers

  • Will artwork match my wall colors?
  • Is it big enough for my wall?
  • Which frame color to take?
Customers are already using Photoshop and test prints to get better understanding.

63% of customers say AR would improve their online shopping experience

Easy solution

Seamless experience for your customers to boost your performance


Mobile Web

Add “Preview in AR” link to your mobile webpages to empower your customers with the AR functionality to preview the artwork on the wall. Fully compatible for iOS and Android without any new App installation.


Add QR-code to your desktop webpages for the instant AR product preview by your customers at home to make better product-environment fit decisions

The most user friendly and lightweight AR technology

How it works

Quick integration into your web shop with a few lines of code

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Get easy to integrate script for your Wall Art Store product pages and embed it with the minimal development efforts

Boost Sales

40% of customers consent to pay a higher price for any products they were allowed to preview by AR.
45% of customers said AR features save their time to make a decision.


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